Bronx Hurricane Laterne

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Artikelnummer: 23010
Größe: 230 × 41 cm
Hersteller: Pieter Adam Lighting & Accessori
Lieferzeit: 4-6 Wochen

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Here you can see a beautiful XXL-lantern, which is suitable both as a table as well as a hallway lamp. The lantern comes from the collection "Bronx" and were hand-crafted by our designers. Elegant design is combined with a timeless beautiful, simple style. The frame is made of Canadian Gold and has stunning ring details at the bottom. Hand-blown glass is placed in this lantern – the effect is a warm, inviting light. The lantern fits cold winter days or as a summer decoration option.  Other lamps and chandeliers from the collection "Bronx" are available in various designs. Please contact us for any questions or requests for more information. Size Height: 41 cm Width: 23 cm Number of candles: 1 piece

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