Designer Spiegel Kommode

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Artikelnummer: V2168
Größe: n. v.
Hersteller: Arte Veneziana
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This commode is a match to mirror V2167 and follows the same design patterns. It has a plain Murano mirror glass top, four central drawers and two doors to either side of the set of drawers. All surfaces are covered with Murano mirror glass, including the legs. The doors curve slightly forward and are decorated with the same simple medallion applications as mirror V2167. The drawers are lined with beige velvet. While in combination with the mirror this commode makes a splendid pair, it stands well on its own. All Murano furniture is handcrafted from finest materials and Murano glass by the master craftsmen of Murano, near Venice. The furniture is made to order and to exceptional standards. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Dimensions: 155cm x 60cm x 89cm Delivery Time: 8 Weeks

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