Mandala Delux

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Itemnumber: WL 008
Size: 1920 × 100 × 1330 cm

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The willowlamp success story began with a single simple idea: the willowlamp notch system that allows curtains of ball-chain to flow elegantly from laser-cut steel frames. Today, the award-winning, cutting-edge designs bring life and light to large and small spaces all over the world. This original lighting designs are shaped by the principles of sacred geometry and built with world-class lighting technology, craftsmanship and superior materials to create timeless yet functional works of art.
Each willowlamp is available in different finishes, and we can tailor the height and length of the pendants and chandeliers to suit your space.
This will be a true investment in style, creativity and individual expression.

We can also offer you this model custom-made in your desired colors, sizes or with further individualizations.
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