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Itemnumber: TZ-68008
Size: 7 × 70 cm
Manufacturer: Terzani
Delivery time: 6 weeks or earlier

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The abacus has been used as a tool for both teaching and teaching math for centuries and was found in one form or another in ancient times. At Terzani, we saw the beauty in the mathematical purity and clean, functional design of the abacus. In the hands of the Terzani craftsmen, we have turned this inspiration into a new collection of modular pendant lights, the flexibility of which enables complex and beautiful configurations. Each Abacus module or strand contains a tailor-made set of round, hand-blown opal glass that emits a soft and even light. And since the original abacus was used to calculate everything from simple addition to complex formulas, we’ve kept the same scalability. Thanks to its individualization, our Abacus luminaire is suitable for both residential and commercial use and, with its almost infinite configuration options, always offers the right solution.

The chandelier is available in different sizes and shapes (see pictures). Matching sconces are also available.
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We can also offer you this model custom-made in your desired colors, sizes or with further individualizations.
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