Large Oriental Chandelier

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Itemnumber: FA-A2510/250
Size: 250 × 180 cm
Manufacturer: Faustig
Candles: 38
Delivery time: 8 weeks

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Here you can see a handmade oriental luxury lantern chandelier. The lamp was made by our partners and consists of the best materials. We guarantee the highest quality and workmanship.  The round frame is made of gold-plated metal. The crystals are full-cut crystals. Swarovski crystals are available at extra cost. The 38 lights are located inside the different lanterns and can produce a magical light. Due to its diameter of 250 cm and its height of 180 cm this chandelier is perfect for hotels and large rooms. Please contact us with any questions, requests or for more details. We’re here to help.  

We can also offer you this model custom-made in your desired colors, sizes or with further individualizations.
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