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Itemnumber: 70095
Size: 80 × 25 cm
Manufacturer: Brand Van Egmond
Candles: 6
Delivery time: 8 weeks
Material: metal, nickel

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The collection "Hollywood" is as diverse as an entire continent. Round, square and conical shapes are available. The design of the collection corresponds to the pure, untouched forms of nature and natural colors such as black, white or silver. "Hollywood" reminds of slender branches of enchanted trees from a fairy-tale. All lamps and chandeliers were designed and handmade by our designers. We guarantee the best workmanship and quality. The lampshade is made ??of twisted stainless steel wires in silver. Other lamps and chandeliers from the collection "Hollywood" are available in various forms, colors and designs.

We can also offer you this model custom-made in your desired colors, sizes or with further individualizations.
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